Two Eager Entrepreneurs - One Story

The Origins.

With a business and law background, Noah Simon Seibert and Marc-Nikolay Popov were keen on exploring the depths of the e-commerce sphere. Two young men, eager to take on every challenge lying ahead, decided to found their first business at the young age of 19.

Simon & Nikolay was founded in Paris under the premise to undertake a fundamental shift in the online area. The two young men have built and scaled together numerous online businesses until they realised, they could pass on their profound knowledge on social media marketing to external companies in need for a change. The most important concept the two founders believe genuinely in is self-improvement through self-awareness. 

We were always focused on what we could improve in our own business and never even thought about looking into other businesses. That changed after a good friend of ours asked for assistance on one of his online projects. He is the reason we decided to shift our focus onto different companies, because he found working with us was making his project go through the roof.
— Marc Popov, Chief Executive Officer

Starting Out

Defining a clear vision for the brand was the hardest part of all. According to Marc, both were highly passionate about the world of online marketing but unfortunately struggled with narrowing down what they precisely wanted to show people at first. What came on top is the permanently missing brand name."Many founders face dramatic problems with their first company, which aren't easily resolved. On the other hand, we couldn't find a suitable brand name! Luckily we were highly thorough with many other things so that we had a comparably smooth start. Well, as smooth as a startup of two beginners could be of course.", claims Noah.

"We went through at least 20 naming options over three weeks until we finally agreed on Simon & Nikolay.", says Marc. All it represents primarily is the second name of each founder. Mostly unspectacular at first sight, however, the name is now chosen in a way that it will remind of the founding principles in it forever. What better way to keep them than to name the brand after the two minds who created the idea it incorporates?


Nowadays social media marketing is shifting and diversifying in an increasingly rapid way. If you look a few years back, you would probably find that making a name for oneself online was by far more accessible than it is today.

People may not realise it, but without an online presence it is practically impossible to scale a successful business these days. You might have the most innovative approach to customer service or the best prices but if you won’t modernise the marketing and adapt to current changes, you will be missing out on many clients or customers. While you trust the good old word of mouth marketing, you are getting rolled over by the competition who invested in a solid internet presence.
— Noah Seibert, Chief Financial Officer

Marc & Noah started by implementing Facebook advertisements in the marketing culture of their clients and have noticed great efficiency with it. The tech giant owns popular platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp and is to be seen as one of the most significant industry leaders alongside Google. The main advantage is the insanely optimised algorithm and the possibility to scale from 3 to 6 figures in no time. Knowing the way the algorithm works appears to be the crucial element, determining whether or not you will succeed with it. "Since day one we have stayed loyal to this working marketing system. Later on, we started optimising for alternative marketing options, mainly Google AdWords, YouTube and SEO. Remaining up to date with all social media advertising platforms is our duty and the sign of allegiance to our loyal clients", explains Marc.

Simon & Nikolay is about reminding the people of their individuality and uniqueness. So, everybody should pursue their dream or existing company fiercely. We provide in-depth advice on your social media presence and help you grow your business progressively. If any questions come up, don't hesitate to ask. We are more than happy to help.


The Founders of Simon & Nikolay

N. Simon S. & M. Nikolay P.