Most popular choice

Rapid Optimisation - 90 Days

The most commonly chosen service. Within the period of 3 months we restructure your online marketing and achieve on average a 2x return on investment for our clients. You may provide us with media content which we integrate flawlessly into your advertisement copies. In order to set up everything smoothly, our Facebook and Google ads experts cooperate closely with our inhouse content designers. After 90 days your ads are optimised ideally and able to perform effortlessly in the desired scale. Should there be any inconveniences causing the process to take slightly longer, we will assist your business until our work is done. We take care of your online presence. You solely worry about the core of your business.


Premium option

Simon & Nikolay Individual

You wish to learn the ways of social media marketing yourself? If this is the case, Simon & Nikolay Individual is the way to go. We will personally teach you how to build professional funnels, create profitable advertisements or design appealing ad copies. Trimmed to your personal needs, this programme aims to get you ready for the digital marketing world.If you wish, our experts will personally fly out to your offices in order to assure a flawless integration of marketing strategies as well as assessing potential issues. Thanks to the proximity either one of them will have, they will offer you exclusivity in any consulting aspect.