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We structure and grow the businesses of tomorrow through social media marketing and corporate identity.

About Us


Simon & Nikolay was originally founded in 2017 with the sole purpose of changing the way people see social media marketing. Ever since then we were stunned by how much we could help people grow and improve their businesses. People who don't regard social media marketing as irrelevant but rather as an interpretation of themselves. 

Simon & Nikolay is not just a consulting agency. It is much bigger than that. It encourages the idea of self-reflection to improve the state we perceive ourselves in. It empowers courageous minds to achieve everything they ever dreamed of, simply by thinking as if they have already achieved it. It helps those who are starting to build their companies as well as those shaping their mentality and self-confidence thanks to a remarkable social media presence trimmed to their tastes and needs. Therefore we at Simon & Nikolay are not only there to give you the tools and let you alone with them. We stay with you until your ultimate goal is achieved and we will not rest until everything we came for is achieved. We are not just an agency. We are a movement.




During 2017 Marc & Noah started an online fashion brand, providing them with valuable lessons about the world of marketing. Their next big project was a dropshipping store which made over $30.000 in profit with one single ad over six months.

They have grown numerous e-commerce stores in 2018 in several different niches. In addition they have organized successful workshops, teaching young entrepreneurs how they can flawlessly increase sales for their businesses.

Thanks to the productive guidance and training of Marc & Noah, professional marketers working for Simon & Nikolay are looking to get your company to the next level. Regardless of what background you have with your business, whether you are offering legal services as a lawyer or selling your own products, Simon & Nikolay is prepared to rise to the challenge.



Press and clients

A year after the start of their business, they’ve emerged on top.
— Venetia Anderson, Oberlo
I came to Marc because I thought I knew about marketing from my e-commerce business and I realized there is so much more, that I need to learn. He’s not only skilled but also passionate.
— Roger Smith, Pet By You


As a social media marketing agency, we are primarily responsible to provide you with the best expertise in the field and ensure the constant growth of your business thanks to new leads. Below you can find an overview of our services that we currently offer.


Our Features - Our Duty


Website Development

As a modern company you will need to maintain a solid online presence in order to attract new clients or customers while still simplifying the process of accessing information online for your current ones. One common characteristic every successful business has in common nowadays, is the positive recognition among people in the online sphere.

Advertising management

Within the campaign and ads management we focus on all relevant sales or acquisition channels to subsequently obtain major leads through thorough analysis. Our most popularly chosen service is linked to KPI optimisation and constant campaign surveillance by our ads experts, thus to increase the ROI’s of your companies advertisements.



Social Media Account-management

We take over your tediously viewed tasks of posting, engaging with the respective communities or planning content for your social media accounts. By managing the most relevant platforms for your businesses success, we plan ahead your content, schedule your postings and grow your personal community by genuine interaction.


Simon & Nikolay Individual is all about redefining your own capabilities from within the firm. Our social media marketing experts will accompany you at every step of the way, allowing you to learn from the process, rather than from courses and theory. Mentorship is a good way to combine the results we deliver with a tasteful note of individuality. According to what you wish, the mentoring will be through calls, face to face meetings or both combined. As a premium option you may invite one of our consultants into your offices over a longer period of time. This helps our experts making respective changes from the inside while having a clearer view of how the company is structured.


e-mail marketing

Your marketing’s back-end is nearly twice as important as your front-end, since it acquires on average over 60% of all people who didn’t convert the first time they saw your advertisement. In addition, e-mail marketing contributes to keeping your existing clients and customers. Our service includes every aspect from managing your campaigns, to the creation of smart e-mail funnel sequences.

SEO ranking

Every year Google is making fundamental changes to its algorithm, determining whether your website is going to rank higher or lower. The trend keeps heading towards more mobile traffic being put in favor as well as eliminating sites with little to low value. We keep track of all changes happening and constantly optimise your website for the best possible outcome.